In 2016, Americans will file into voting booths to choose our next president. While we don’t know who the winner will be, ABA President and CEO Susan Neely has penned a letter to “45” to make a pitch for bringing in businesses to help solve problems for the common good.

“Some of our political leaders today are spending far more time pointing fingers and criticizing each other than uniting to tackle problems that need to be solved,” says Neely. “We can’t afford to be divided when facing gathering threats here and abroad as well as obstacles to growth in this interconnected global economy.”

Neely points out that the beverage industry has a direct economic impact of $169.1 billion, provides more than 240,000 jobs and helps to support hundreds of thousands more that depend, in part, on beverage sales for their livelihoods. As engaged members of our communities, the beverage industry and all industries can be a force for good in our states, cities, towns and neighborhoods, she says.

“Like you, we seek to improve prosperity for all.”

Neely also reminds “45” that no matter the challenge, if we come together we can create solutions – “Even on seemingly intractable challenges like the obesity crisis, our industry has worked with groups and individuals who have perspectives different from our own to advance solutions and get results.”

It won’t always be easy but it is up to us to ensure that our country continues to be a beacon in the world. “Yours may be the world's most difficult job, but never have the words “failure is not an option” been more true.”

Read Susan Neely’s letter in full here.