When you get home from work tonight, you'll have an extra hour of sunshine.  So after months of driving home in the dark and staring into other commuters’ headlights, savor the moment.

Before Daylight Savings Time becomes routine, adopt a plan for how you want to make the most of your newly illuminated evenings. Now is the moment to reject the dinner, TV viewing, shower, bedtime routine. Instead, use the extra daylight to jumpstart your physical activity. In fact, the ever increasing daylight to dusk period is perfect for increasing your endurance as well.  Before June, a 20-minute neighborhood walk or bicycle ride can comfortably become an hour-long neighborhood excursion.

Whether you use the time to play garage hoops with the kids, plant a backyard garden or jog before sunset, enjoy the gift of daylight.  The physical activity will help your overall game plan for a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle that recognizes the importance of a balanced diet and exercise.  You’ll also enjoy other healthy benefits of sunshine - such as Vitamin D. And quite possibly an extra hour or so outdoors will coax you into a more relaxed evening where, if you like, you can read a recent philosophical musing on “Does Anybody Really Know What time It is?” in The New York Times.