Does it feel like every day you’re being told that something you enjoyed eating or drinking is bad for you? You might see a new study on the news claiming coffee causes disease or spot a Facebook post from a food blog tsk-tsking bread. We at Sip & Savor have had enough. Food and beverages are to be enjoyed, not a panic inducing nightmare.

We’re not alone; a writer at the New York Times penned his own feelings on the matter recently:

“We’re all going to die. And we all eat food. Therefore, food must be the culprit. That seems to be the absurd syllogism that lies beneath the surface of many articles in the health, food and science press.”

Time and again we’ve written about how bad reporting warps good science and how bad science gets amplified. Some stories we see in the media about the latest killer food or beverage are not based on sound science nor prove that something causes illness. They are meant to cause a sensation, and often do.

What we eat and drink is an important part of lives. We need them to live, but they are also integral to spending quality time with our family, or enjoying physical activities like a game of pick-up basketball with our friends. All we need is the right balance for our lifestyles.

It’s difficult to cut through the myths and misinformation about ingredient safety and nutrition. That’s why we created Let’ Let’s Clear It Up is a resource that provides science-based answers to your questions about beverages, backed up by legitimate researchers and government authorities. So get the facts so you can enjoy good times with family and friends.