Today in Cook County, Ill., with a 15-2 vote, the Board of Commissioners voted to repeal the beverage tax that has been hurting working families and small businesses for the past two months. Since the tax went into effect, residents and small businesses have spoken out loudly against the expensive tax, urging their local legislators to take action. The commissioners listened to the massive outcry and the repeal will go into effect December 1.

"I'm listening to what the people have said," Cook County Commissioner Dennis Deer told the Chicago Tribune. "It was consistent, so why continue to wait? The people have spoken."

These discriminatory taxes target working families, their wallets and their jobs and Cook County residents were fed up with the flood of taxes piled on them to pay for government budget holes. Commissioner Sean Morrison, who introduced the repeal confirmed this by noting that they must consider, "appropriate fiscal solutions," the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Here at Sip and Savor we applaud the county commissioners for listening to their constituents of which nearly 90% opposed the tax. America's beverage companies will continue to provide more choices than ever before through innovation, including smaller portions and options with less sugar, and support our consumers by standing with them against these unfair taxes.