Businesses in Cook County are feeling the effects of the beverage tax since it went into effect last month, and are urging for its repeal. Northern Public Radio captured the emotion of two local store owners in a recent article.

Harvey's Corner, a convenience store just a few miles inside the county border has reported beverage sales are down by $3,000 from last year and overall sales are down by 20 percent. "I do believe for all of our sales, people are just going elsewhere for it now instead of stopping at our store for anything," says store owner, Amber Stevens.

Rosie Regas, owner of Fairplay Foods in Cook County has reported sales decreasing in all six of her stores across the county. "We have to cut employee hours because we have less customers coming in," Regas said. "Eventually we won't be able to pay bills."

When will politicians learn that hardworking small businesses deserve better? There are other ways to fix budget deficits than on the backs of working families and businesses.