A little more than a year ago, our industry announced a new calorie labeling initiative.  A little more than a month ago, we shared an update on this initiative.  Today, our Clear on Calories initiative roll-out continues with more and more consumers spotting the new calorie labels on the front of their favorite beverages – with more to come in the next few months.  We at Sip & Savor hope you’ll keep an eye out for calorie information showing up on the front of beverages and we invite you to tweet us a picture of the labels when you spot them and share your thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Our industry provides myriad beverage choices in a wide range of calories.  By placing calorie labels on the front of our containers and packages, we are helping consumers make informed choices about the beverage that’s right for them and meets their individual needs.  This is yet another way our industry is stepping up to be part of the solution to childhood obesity.