We've previously posted information about the scare tactics that some city health departments have resorted to in order to discourage consumption of our industry’s products.  That's why we wanted to share with our readers an article in today's Daily Caller, which reports that Congress is working to repeal the Prevention and Public Health Fund – a portion of the health care reform bill that contained funding that was potentially improperly used to "lobby for policy changes," including campaigns to ban new restaurants and attempting to change the cost of soft drinks to restrict consumption.  By blocking the development of new business, promoting soft drink taxes and trying to change food and beverage pricing, the program is unfairly singling out products and industries.

This federal money could have been used to maintain the operation of public parks, bike trails and after-school programs in communities across the country which would both stimulate job growth and promote healthy lifestyles.  Sadly, this program has not done either.  We at Sip & Savor applaud Congressional leaders for looking into this.  We hope you are closely following the legislative process on this issue and are willing to let your elected representatives know that this misuse of taxpayer money is inappropriate.