On campuses across America, college graduates are suiting up in cap and gown to receive those hard-earned diplomas.

As these grads seek that first career job, this--like all other milestones--is also a good time to establish lifelong habits including a commitment to living a balanced lifestyle.  And it’s a good time to remember that the key to maintaining a healthy weight is balancing calories consumed from all foods and beverages with those burned through physical activity.

So, college students who kept that balance throughout their higher education should make sure they continue to do so.  And for those who could benefit from developing perhaps better habits should embrace this new chapter in life as an opportunity for committing to start anew.

We here at Sip & Savor wish these new grads a healthy and happy future and we’ll continue to share tips and information on how to incorporate regular physical activity and balanced nutrition into busy lives.  A good place to start is the website for The President’s Challenge, a program by the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition.  The challenge offers tests, ideas and motivational resources on how to make sure physical activity is a part of regular daily life.