Low-calorie sweeteners have become a hot topic recently, due in large part to innovation by companies to include them in a wide range of foods and beverages as a way to help consumers reduce calories while maintaining sweet taste.  With all the misinformation out there, it is important for us to make sure Sip & Savor readers are getting the facts straight when it comes to these ingredients – and the myriad beverage options that contain them.  So what do you really need to know when it comes to low-calorie sweeteners?  First, they have repeatedly been proven to be a helpful tool for weight loss and weight maintenance.  And second, their safety is supported by decades of scientific research as well as regulatory agencies around the globe.

So whatever your beverage choice, remember – there’s likely a no- or low-calorie version available as well.  For more information on low-calorie sweeteners check out LetsClearItUp.org.