If you are looking for ways to cut back on calories in preparation for the upcoming summer months, we encourage you to take a look at the big picture, which includes balancing calories from all foods and drinks with those you burn off through physical activity and exercise.

You might not realize it, but according to government data, sugar-sweetened beverages account for just 6 percent of calories in the average American’s diet.  That means that 94 percent of our calories come from other foods and beverages.  This clears up a common myth that the obesity epidemic can be reversed if people stop drinking soda.  We all know that in order to reduce obesity, we should look at the totality of the diet and how much exercise we get.

Obesity is a complex issue that cannot be solved by focusing on one small part of your total diet.  So, instead of focusing on one product, such as soda, try focusing on the entire equation in order to achieve real results.

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