The beverage industry is once again leading the way with a meaningful program to do its part in addressing social challenges. In support of First Lady Michelle Obama's anti-obesity campaign, "Let's Move," our member companies are taking the extra step of putting information on the front of all containers (total calorie count per container, up to and including 20-ounce products), as well as company-controlled vending machines and fountain machines - making the calories on its products more clear and useable for consumers. The more easy-to-use information we give consumers, the better they'll be able to choose the refreshing beverage that best meets their tastes and needs.

The industry is starting work on this immediately and going above and beyond what is required by law to bring calorie information to consumers. Implementation will begin this year with completion in 2012. Industry will coordinate with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on its new calorie labeling initiative to ensure that the information on the front and back of a package is consistent.

This calorie initiative is building upon our industry's ongoing efforts to help families and individuals make balanced choices. America's leading beverage companies are committing to continue reducing beverage calories in the marketplace through innovation, smaller portion sizes and further marketing of their low-calorie beverages.