How ironic that the 1.75-cent per ounce tax imposed on beverages by the city of Seattle is dubbed a “recovery fee” by city officials. When the sticker shock hits consumers — who will now have to pay more than $26 for a case of sports drinks — you can imagine the surprise and outrage Seattle residents will feel. We’re not sure what the city thinks it is “recovering” by targeting hard working Americans with this type of punitive tax, but we believe consumers will certainly have a need to “recover” when they fully understand what the city is doing to their grocery bills.  

Taxes won’t improve health. Providing choices, information and education will. That’s why beverage makers continue to offer a wide array of beverages in lots of different sizes and calorie levels so consumers can best choose the beverage that fits their day.

America’s beverage companies are providing more choices, smaller portions and less sugar to help people find their balance.