Over the past few days we’ve read a few articles about some research presented last weekend at a scientific conference about the alleged impact of diet sodas on weight gain,  so we wanted to jump into the conversation and provide our readers with some facts.

First of all, numerous peer-reviewed published studies have shown that diet sodas are proven to be an effective tool for weight loss and weight maintenance. Individuals seeking to lose weight often switch to low-calorie sweeteners in order to reduce their caloric intake.

Even so, it’s important to keep in mind that all calories count when it comes to weight gain, regardless of their source.   Science has shown that the key to maintaining a healthy weight is energy balance—balancing calories consumed with calories burned through daily physical activity.

Low-calorie sweeteners can help reduce calories and sugar intake and aid in maintaining a healthy weight – so, next time you are picking up a beverage, remember that there’s room in a balanced diet for all foods and beverages.  And to help you out, check out our Clear on Calories labels the next time you are at the store.  We suspect it’ll help you make the decision that’s right for you and your family.

And if you want to read our response to the recently presented abstracts, you can read our statement here.