Unfortunately, Washington isn't very short on folks who are ... what's the right word? One that comes to mind rhymes with "pony." Another word whose first two syllables are shared with "hippopotamus" rings true as well. But, we"ll be nice, and just say "disingenuous."

As you've likely heard, there are a few Obama administration nominees who haven't quite met the president's very strict rules imposed on previous employment with organizations or groups they will be entrusted with regulating or overseeing. In other words, these nominees were lobbyists or did things closely related to lobbying.

Well guess who's coming to their defense?

Fred Wertheimer of Democracy 21, the most elitist of all bashers of lobbyists, and Melanie Sloan of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, another prolific critic of lobbyists. For years, they've pretentiously railed against organizations that forthrightly petition their government, as well as public servants who didn't always make decisions they liked.

Now, however, these two claim it's just fine for the administration to have waivers for its new tough lobbying and ethics standards. Hmmm. Think they'd have the same attitude if someone from a different political party occupied the White House? Or a public servant with a different ideology made the same honest mistakes as these nominees?

A simple and important rule for you to follow when following Washington: Always question those who are throwing the stones. Particularly if they claim to be your "watchdogs" -- using words like "citizens," "democracy" or "consumers" in their organization's name.

In truth, they don't represent you. They represent their own special interest.