Yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the National Parks Service and across the country people celebrated some of our nation’s most treasured lands in various ways. The National Parks Service, which is responsible of the protection and preservation of over 400 of our country’s greatest landmarks, was established in 1916 and since then and has been a great way for Americans to enjoy the great outdoors.

Ensuring that these parks are well preserved is no easy task. And as an industry that is doing our part to protect our planet and its resources we understand the importance of preserving these special places that Americans love and enjoy for another 100 years and many more after that. For example, across the entire beverage industry supply chain, from factory to vending machine, we’re reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making operations more energy efficient.

As we enter they last few weeks of summer, now is the perfect time to celebrate these national treasures. Click here to find a park near you and share your pictures on Twitter and Facebook using #NPS100!