Last week, the United States Conference of Mayors (USCM) and the American Beverage Foundation for a Healthy America (ABFHA) presented New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu with the Childhood Obesity Prevention Award for a large city at Schaumburg Elementary School in New Orleans.

Along with the award, the city of New Orleans received a $150,000 grant to support the School Designation Program, which recognizes participating public schools in New Orleans for their health and wellness practices.

“I am honored that USCM and ABFHA selected our Fit NOLA Schools program for this award,” said Mayor Landrieu in a press release his office issued about the award presentation. “Obesity is a growing public health crisis in New Orleans—especially among children. We are working every day to create an environment that supports physical activity. This funding will help to further New Orleans’ position as a national leader in fighting obesity. A healthier New Orleans will lead the nation in economic growth, education, entrepreneurship, job creation and more.”

According to the press release, “the grant will help connect school administrations and the students they serve to community resources that will improve or create the foundation necessary to cultivate healthy lifestyles.”

Schaumburg Elementary has been designated a platinum school by the Fit NOLA School Designation Program. The award presentation took place in the school’s Edible Garden.

“These teachers and administrators work tirelessly to create a healthy environment for their students, and this award is a direct reflection of that. We are proud of the work being done around the city to help us reach our goal of becoming one of the nation’s healthiest cities by our 300th anniversary in 2018,” said Charlotte Parent, Director of the New Orleans Health Department, in the press release.

Programs like “Fit NOLA” demonstrate that successful public-private partnerships can bring about real and lasting change for the better in our communities. Check out to watch a video about Mayor Landrieu’s program and the five other winners of the Childhood Obesity Prevention Awards.