Did you know that the first six-pack carriers were developed by the non-alcoholic beverage industry so that consumers could enjoy beverages in the comfort of their own home?

Since their founding, America's leading beverage companies have a rich history of developing new technologies and products to address consumer needs. From recipe formation, bottling, packaging, distribution and more, our industry has always been on the forefront of innovation.

In fact, in the 1920s, Coca-Cola and Pepsi introduced the first in-store self-service beverage cooler, automatic vending machines and six-pack beverage carriers. There have been many technological advancements since then including aluminum cans with easy-to-open pull ring tabs, PET bottles and bottles made with 100% recycled materials. Not to mention the tens of thousands of patents in recipe formation, bottle designs, bottling equipment manufacturing and more.


So the next time you pick up a bottle or can of your favorite beverage, remember that you are holding 100 years of innovation in your hands!