The American Beverage Association would like to wish everyone a Happy Flag Day! While this holiday may not be as grandly commemorated as some other summer favorites, like Memorial Day or the Fourth of July, it’s still an important day to celebrate. Since the United States’ adoption of the flag in 1777, the stars and stripes has seen a lot. Through thick and thin, the flag has continued to be a symbol of liberty and justice for all.

Here at the American Beverage Association, we certainly haven’t forgotten about the opportunities our flag represents. We are lucky to live in a country that promotes entrepreneurial spirit and fair competition. These ideas are embedded within the beverage industry, which provides almost 240,000 jobs for American workers. These men and women strive every day to make their communities and country a better place.

So, grab your favorite non-alcoholic beverage and take a moment to salute Old Glory on her 240th birthday.