At Sip & Savor, we’re always thinking green, and so are our member companies.  Throughout the year, we’ve shared many of the ways in which the beverage industry is working to further minimize its environmental impact.  Still, some of the most important work we do as an industry is encouraging consumer recycling in communities across America.  That’s why we wanted to share with you a story about a unique partnership in the city of Charlotte, N.C., from last week’s Earth Times.

On Thursday, the city of Charlotte announced the addition of 15 new recycling bins, with 10 more to follow, in its Center City area.  In support of this move, Coca-Cola and Harris Teeter launched the "Get Caught Green Handed" campaign.  If "caught" recycling by the undercover prize patrol, residents will get a free 20-ounce Coca-Cola beverage and a gift certificate to Harris Teeter.

"Nationally, Charlotte is gaining a reputation as a 'Green Friendly' community," Michael Smith, President & CEO, Charlotte Center City Partners, told the Earth Times.  "We are excited to see this program develop and want to recognize Coca-Cola and Harris Teeter and for their leadership and support."

Programs like this highlight how small steps can help to make a big difference in preserving and protecting our environment.   The beverage industry supports comprehensive recycling plans for all communities, and we believe that making access easy for people will help to increase participation.  We also know that recycling education and community support are essential in making recycling the unquestionable option.

Please let us know of creative ways that you, your family and even your community are working to promote recycling.  And check out our recycling issue site for more information about what our industry is doing and to learn some interesting facts.