California families got some good news this week when an Assembly taxation committee refused to act on a beverage tax proposal.  In doing so, California lawmakers joined a growing trend as a number of state governments turn away from taxes that would raise the price of common grocery items like beverages.

And it’s not just Californians who are opposing these taxes – people across the country are sending a consistent, resounding message against discriminatory beverage taxes, making it clear that they are able to make their own decisions about what to eat or drink without government help.

Americans don’t support soft drink taxes, don’t believe they’ll reduce obesity and don’t trust these taxes will go to pay for childhood obesity programs.  They see these new taxes for what they are: a money grab to help pay for more government.  We recently highlighted independent polling conducted by Rasmussen Reports that found that 59 percent of Americans oppose taxes on soda and only 32 percent favor the idea.

Hard-working families are holding their own in this tough economy, but they can’t afford higher grocery prices.  New taxes on certain beverages would further squeeze families already struggling to make ends meet and these discriminatory taxes would hurt the most those who can least afford it.