Taxes on products like juices, teas and soft drinks can have a devastating effect on local businesses. We saw this illustrated in Mexico after the implementation of the peso-per-ounce tax - some 30,000 community stores closed their doors. Denmark ultimately repealed their tax due to the economic damage it caused.

Adam Vitale, President of G&M Distributors, located in Illinois, speaks to the fear he has for his own company and employees if a tax is implemented in Illinois. In a recent opinion piece he said, “I am truly concerned for our family of employees at G&M Distributors. Imposing a soft drink tax will further erode our business and most likely result in job losses.”

Vitale also notes that the impact of these taxes would ripple into the larger economy. “Increasing soda taxes would negatively impact restaurant and grocery store owners, eliminate jobs and investment in our community, and could further damage the already fragile economy in Illinois.”

Instead of pursuing a tax that could destroy local businesses and hurt jobs, policymakers should find ways to tighten their own belts.

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