Yesterday, almost 30 Capitol Hill staffers joined American Beverage Association staff at a briefing on the Balance Calories Initiative to help cut the sugar and calories people get from beverages. ABA Vice President of Social Commitment Patrice Webb walked the Senate and House staffers through the industry’s track record of leadership, from School Beverage Guidelines, which slashed beverage calories shipped to schools by 90 percent, to our boldest effort to date, the Balance Calories Initiative.

Webb went into detail how America’s leading beverage companies are encouraging Americans to actively think about the sugar they consume from beverages. We seek to provide consumers with information on how to best maintain a balanced diet and give them the beverage choices to do so. We are increasing access to beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all and smaller proportions—in stores and restaurants down the street and across the country. We’re also putting our collective marketing expertise behind these efforts to make finding balance a little easier.

Check out the photos from yesterday’s briefing below and for more information about Balance Calories, click here.