A little more than a month ago, we blogged about an article on TheAtlantic.com noting that Mayor Bloomberg has misread the data he cited to support his plan.  Today, just two days after his Department of Health held a public hearing on the issue, we thought it was worth sharing an article posted on National Review Online that further supports that a soda ban simply won’t work. Reporting on a recent Gallup Consumption Habits poll, author Julie Gunlock notes that the poll found that those who “frequently drank soda were no heavier than those who avoided soda altogether.”

We’ve stated all along that banning – or taxing – soda is an overly simplistic and ultimately ineffective way to deal with the public health challenge of obesity. We know that maintaining a healthy weight comes down to calorie balance – that is, balancing the calories consumed from all foods and beverages with those burned through physical activity. Our industry is doing its part to help reduce obesity – by delivering more choices, smaller portions, fewer calories and clearer labels across the country. By doing so, our companies are making a meaningful difference for families and individuals in our communities – making it easier to choose the drink that’s right for them.

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