Perhaps you've heard of the new search engine site, which debuts today. We certainly weren't able to escape its seemingly omnipresent commercials this weekend (the commercial was a bit on the annoying side too.)

We understand Bing is just getting started, but the site itself remains a bit on the annoying side as well.

A quick run-through for a search of "soft drinks" in the news category brought up 204 hits (as of 9:07 a.m. Eastern Time today). Of the first 10 stories listed, only four, maybe five, were actual news stories about what was happening with soft drinks or something you'd actually consider news. The fourth story on Bing's list was about how to advertise inside a hockey rink. Not exactly the type of "news" one is looking for when checking for pertinent and timely news stories on a subject. By contrast, all 10 of Google's top 10 news stories on soft drinks were indeed news about soft drinks and their manufacturers.

Bing's top story was on Pepsi Bottling Group's efforts to buy a Texas bottler, which matched the top story on Google. But Bing had just one story on the subject from one perspective. Google had 23 stories on that piece of news.

Bing is a product of Microsoft, which maintains a strong competitive rivalry with Google. Granted, Google's had quite a bit of a head start in the search engine game. But judging from Day 1 on a rather simple search - Bing's got a long, long way to go to catch up.

Check it out, though. And we'll keep an eye on it together.