There are politicians out there in several states and cities who are putting taxes on products, including grocery items like beverages, under the facade of addressing some social issue.

Hogwash. These taxes are pure money grabs. And you shouldn't buy what they're selling.

The latest proof in the pudding comes from Connecticut, where the Governor signed into law Tuesday deficit-cutting legislation that imposes a 5-cent tax on bottled water. Good, clean, safe bottled water.

At least in Connecticut, they're being somewhat truthful about their intentions with the tax. See, the Governor and state lawmakers are betting that Connecticut residents won't return their bottles for a refund on their tax to the tune of $13 million a year in nickels.

That's right. Connecticut leaders don't want their residents to recycle. In fact, they're rooting for them not to recycle. They want those nickels, plain and simple. A cynical money grab. What's even more cynical is that state leaders are also taking money that goes towards the infrastructure to recycle the returned bottles.

And the reason we say Connecticut is being somewhat truthful about what they're doing is because the governor's spokesman isn't fully leveling with folks. He was quoted in the Hartford Courant saying the legislation "includes no tax increases."

Wrong. It's a 5-cent tax on the price of bottled water. A tax is a tax is a tax. If it weren't a tax, the state wouldn't be counting on $13 million in revenue.

So America beware: If a politician in your state gets the bright idea to try this bottle tax - remember Connecticut. And be clear about that politician's motive. He's not trying to help the environment. She's not trying to improve recycling. They're just trying to pick clean every last nickel in your pocket.

And they don't care if there's a recession going on while doing it.

It's just sad.