In many communities across the country, school is now back in session.  So, we thought we'd take this time to remind our readers about our industry's national School Beverage Guidelines.

Our member companies have delivered on a national commitment to change the beverage mix in schools.  By removing full-calorie soft drinks and replacing them with a variety of lower-calorie, nutritious and smaller-portion choices, our member companies have decreased beverage calories in schools by 88 percent since 2004!  We're proud to say that this voluntary commitment is having a meaningful impact as parents across the country prepare to send their children back to school.

You may recall our television ad from earlier this year.  Also, if you have more questions about the School Beverage Guidelines, check out our Q & A section.

We wish all of the returning students good luck this school year!  And remember to check out the new beverage options on your campus!