We at the American Beverage Association represent beverage companies and bottlers of every size. Even the largest brands, however, started small and were often created in towns across America. These brands are a piece of Americana. Over the years, Americans have delighted in our industry's constant innovation and the creation of products made to quench the unique tastes of our growing and diverse population.

We're always happy to see young entrepreneurs achieve success in this dynamic industry. Today's story is of two young Wisconsin girls who founded "Haley & Annabelle's Vanilla Root Beer" just two years ago to save money for college and raise money for charity.

Since that time, these enterprising young women have had their root beer placed in Wisconsin "Soup Market" stores. We first learned of their endeavor when it was covered by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in 2008, and we were pleased to read a follow-up story this Memorial Day.

The girls are still hard at work, and, with the help of their dad, have sold over 10,000 cases of their root beer. And 25 cents of every bottle goes to the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, where Haley had surgery as an infant. "It's always good to give back," Dave Jurena, the girls' father, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "This helps the girls realize you have to support the people who support you."

The girls say their concoction makes a great root beer float, but we especially like Haley's simple endorsement: "It tastes good. It's for a good cause. And it tastes good."