This week more than 200 representatives from America’s beverage industry visited Capitol Hill to tell the story of our industry - and what a story it is!

America’s leading beverage companies have a direct economic impact of more than $169 billion a year. We employ nearly 240,000 Americans and help to support hundreds of thousands more workers whose incomes depend in part on beverage sales. We also contribute nearly $1.6 billion annually to charitable causes in communities across the nation.

We are also dedicated to making real, measurable impact on public health challenges. Our Balance Calories Initiative, the boldest industry initiative to date to address the obesity challenge, is working to cut the sugar and calories consumed by Americans. Our member companies are going to places where the need is the greatest and working to make a difference in those communities. We provide Americans with a variety of beverage options, information and encouragement to help them reduce the calories and sugar they get from their beverages.

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