For years, we have provided clear calorie information on the front of every can, bottle and package we produce and placed reminders to “Check then Choose” or “Balance What You Eat, Drink and Do” on coolers and vending machines.

As of this month, most restaurants are required to provide clear calorie information to consumers so they can make informed choices in both the food they consume and their beverage options. Consumers will quickly notice that there are more options with zero calories and sugar in the beverage portion of the menu than any other. That’s because our member companies are committed to offering more zero sugar options than ever before. From sparkling waters, to soft drinks like Coke Zero Sugar, Diet Dr Pepper and Pepsi Zero Sugar, people have a large variety of great tasting beverages without calories to choose from. In fact, today nearly half of all non-alcoholic beverages purchased have zero sugar, and almost 60 percent of new products introduced since 2014 are mid-, low- or zero-calorie.

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