FYI, FYE, TTYL, LOL...If you don't use these common abbreviations yourself, you are probably seeing them more frequently as text messaging, "tweeting" and e-mail communication becomes increasingly widespread among all age groups. It seems everyone is getting in on the act these days.

Here in Washington, it is often said, we are a veritable alphabet soup - at least when it comes to the use of acronyms. With so many government agencies and programs, it can take newcomers quite a while to catch up and figure out what everyone in the room is talking about. Even the brightest of minds can get caught up for a moment. For a taste, take a look at this helpful Web site called "Gov Speak," created by the university library at Indiana University – Purdue. It's quite overwhelming - you could literally fill a book!

Well, the government and text messengers aren't the only ones out there with their own lingo. The beverage industry, too, can often seem to have its own vocabulary. For example - do you know what CSD stands for? Carbonated soft drink.

So next time you're at a beverage-related function, outshine everyone else in the room with industry lingo. Study up on beverage industry terms by checking out some of the most commonly used ones on our Web site. TTYL!