After an invigorating holiday weekend, it's back to the office today.  That, however, doesn't mean all work and no exercise.  The importance of employees being fit has received considerable attention in recent years and today The Washington Post reports that "Corporate Fitness Programs Survive Hard Times."

The Post quoted one study that showed gym benefits holding steady and another indicating there actually had been some growth in fitness benefits.   The news is particularly interesting given an article in The New York Times, as we recently shared in Sip & Savor, reviewing research about declining physical activity in the workplace since 1960.

Today’s news serves as a reminder to those whose companies provide gyms or offer discounts and subsidies for gym memberships.  And for those whose companies can’t or don’t, it also is a reminder to make sure your days are active.  It’s pretty simple: Take the stairs.  Walk the halls.  Or use the lunch period to stretch your legs.

And it's always a good time to remember that the key to maintaining a healthy weight is balancing calories consumed from all foods and beverages with those burned through physical activity.