Yesterday we blogged about how the change in season shouldn't put an end to outdoor activities. There's still plenty to do to stay active even as the weather cools down a bit. In the same vein, the fall season certainly won't slow down the number of professional sports for fans to follow.

Regular season baseball wraps up in September and we hit the ground running with the post season games in October. The U.S. Open is always scheduled around Labor Day and with the tournament more than half over, the next several days will offer up plenty of excitement as we find out who will become the 2010 champs. The number of U.S. players competing is low compared to previous years, but that hasn’t impeded a good showing of super fans rooting for both old and new faces in the tennis world.

Here at Sip & Savor, we enjoy a fall favorite - football.  Both college and professional leagues are fun to watch. For some, this is the most exciting time of year! Between Fantasy Football and game day rituals, not to mention scheduling risks and training camp injuries, the anticipation definitely captivates fans of all ages.

Looking forward to watching the competition on the fields and courts this fall can serve as a reminder for all of us to continue working on our own lifestyles by balancing healthy diets and exercise.