Here at Sip & Savor we welcome August as the unofficial last month of summer. In some areas of the country, August can bring heat and humidity. Hopefully we don’t have to remind you to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of beverages.

August is usually a time for people to get away from the office and relax by going somewhere new or exciting.  In many countries, the August vacation is mandatory. Full-time workers in France are guaranteed at least five weeks of vacation.  Our nation’s capital shuts down in August. The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives have had a traditional August recess since its founding. After all, before the days of air conditioning, Washington was unbearable in August.

Our presidents have a history of leaving Washington in August for a break as well. George W. Bush cleared a lot of brush on his Texas ranch during his August vacations. The Obama family will be vacationing in Marbella, Spain; the Gulf Coast; and their favorite destination: Martha's Vineyard. No matter what your pop culture inclinations, August is a time to relax and wait for the good stuff to come. Grab a cold beverage, sit under a strong ceiling fan and chill out.