More good news for people who enjoy no- and low-calorie beverages:  Not only do the sweeteners in our no- and low- calorie products enhance taste without the calories, just this week the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) once again reaffirms the safety of these ingredients.

In a statement, EFSA noted that the agency had reviewed two studies released last year that questioned the safety of the aspartame.  In both instances, EFSA concluded that the information available from those studies “do not give reason to reconsider the previous evaluations of aspartame or of the other food additive sweeteners authorised in the European Union.”

This also supports the position taken just a few years ago when an expert panel of some of the world’s leading toxicologists completed the most comprehensive review of aspartame to date and once again confirmed the safety of the ingredient – even among its heaviest users.  So what does this all mean?  Consumers can rest assured that no-and low-calorie sweeteners are safe.  In fact, in addition to providing sweet taste without the calories, no- and low-calorie beverages can be a helpful weight management tool, a position supported by the American Dietetic Association.

For more information on no- and low-calorie sweeteners, please visit ABA’s website.  And please keep checking back in to Sip & Savor for more updates on the beverages that you enjoy!