It’s hard to believe that the last few weeks of summer are upon us.  Before we know it, peak vacation season will be over, children will be back in school and young adults will head off to their first days of college.  We hope you’ve taken advantage of the many wonderful things summer has to offer – from taking long bike rides and swimming outdoors to picking seasonal fruit and perhaps enjoying an ice cream float (with your favorite non-alcoholic beverage, of course.)

But we also recognize that this time of year brings a great deal of change for families across America.  So we thought we’d remind our readers about how to hold on to some things that can be constant from season to season.  Just because the weather starts to cool down doesn’t mean we need to be less active.  After all, regular physical activity - along with a balanced diet - is key to maintaining a healthy weight.  And some of those activities you enjoy so much during the summer – like swimming laps or a family outing to pick fruit – can continue well into the fall (which is still quite a few weeks away).  Instead of swimming outdoors, take it indoors at a local recreation center.  And even though you can’t pick berries at the local orchard, fall will be prime time for picking apples.

So remember – whatever the season, keep a few things constant:  consuming a variety of foods and beverages in moderation and getting regular exercise.