What steps have you taken to green your own life?  The beverage industry is no stranger to the green movement.  Our member companies are leading the way with 100 percent recyclable containers, lightweight packaging, using hybrid vehicles in their fleets, constructing energy efficient buildings and improving recycling.

We at Sip & Savor also encourage creative recycling and re-use of our industry’s packaging.  And that is why we want to share this artist’s innovative and visually stunning use of PET bottles.  Czech-Republic based artist Veronika Richterová has been creating art with recycled PET bottles since 2004.  And in 2007, Richterová teamed up with her husband to create the PET-ART Museum, which houses a collection of 3,500 plastic bottles sourced from 96 countries.

Wherever you may be, we encourage you to “Think Inside the Bin.” To learn more about how our member companies promote recycling in their businesses and among consumers, check out this infographic.