Today is yet another dreary and drizzly day in the nation’s capital.  And while many of us may feel a bit lethargic on days like this, they also remind us that warm weather is just around the corner.  In fact, we'll probably be complaining soon enough that the weather is intolerable.  Importantly, the warmer weather will bring myriad additional opportunities for outside adventures and exercise – an important component to balancing calories to achieve a healthy weight.

We are very fortunate in the District of Columbia to have a good amount of green space to enjoy.  If you enjoy hiking, biking or jogging, Great Falls Park offers a fantastic view of the Potomac River.  Or perhaps a visit to Rock Creek Park to take in some fresh air, see some wild animals and listen to the flow of the creek is more your style.  If you’re seeking a fantastic view of the city, you can trek the 446 acres (or maybe just a couple) of the U.S. National Arboretum grounds.  And if you’re looking for a laid back place to play catch with the kids, and perhaps watch the planes take off from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Gravelly Point and Roaches Run could be the place for you.

Whatever you decide, and wherever you may live, prepare now so you can best take advantage of the warm weather – tune up your bike, pick up a new pair of running shoes, break out the catcher’s mitt, check out the website for the National Park Service.  The opportunities are endless.