America’s beverage companies are built on innovation. It is in every facet of our business, from the numerous beverage options we offer to packaging to how we bring our products to market. Here are a few of the ways the beverage industry leads when it comes to innovation.

  • Today there are more great-tasting beverages than ever before with less sugar or no sugar. Our companies have taken full-calorie favorites and created great-tasting mid-calorie versions with less sugar. In fact, in 2015 low- and no-calorie options made up 60 percent of the new flavors and brands introduced by Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Dr Pepper.
  •  Our industry’s fleets are some of the largest in the Western Hemisphere, and they get cleaner and leaner all the time. We’re rapidly expanding the use of hybrid vehicles. We’ve pledged to transition to biodiesels, electricity, natural gas and other alternative fuels. And we’ve been working to take more vehicles off the road—literally—by replacing them with intermodal transportation like freight rail, reducing truck miles, fuel use and overall emissions.
  • We put the force of our industry’s creativity into designing containers that use fewer raw materials at the beginning of their lifecycle, and are easy to recycle at the end of it. Lighter, more streamlined packaging also cuts down on the fuel needed to transport our products. We have saved hundreds of millions of pounds of raw materials industry-wide, through lightweighting and packaging reduction.

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