Today, the U.S. Department of Labor’s latest jobs report shows that in March companies posted the most job openings in eight months, raising hopes for Americans out of work. The news illustrates the importance of a healthy business climate to the lives of everyday Americans. America’s businesses both large and small are the drivers of economic growth and financial security for Americans, and the beverage industry has been a big part of that success for many years.

Some of America’s most well-known soft drink companies have been in business since the late 1800s. Millions of Americans have earned a good living with us over the decades, making and selling beverages loved by people worldwide. Our industry is composed of American companies and workers that have always known that being a beneficial part of the communities we serve is the key to our success.

We’ve come a long way from horse-drawn carts delivering tonics to soda fountains. Today our industry is global and has a direct economic impact in the US of more than $169 billion a year. We employ nearly 240,000 people and help to support hundreds of thousands more workers whose incomes depend in part on beverage sales. Beverage companies provide $36 billion to government in taxes. We contribute nearly $1.6 billion annually to charitable causes in communities across the nation for youth programs and civic needs of all kinds.

We are part of the American fabric and success story. Visit for more information about our history and how our member companies instill American values and continue to be a part of the American economy and culture.