“The DAWN Report is more sensational than substantive.  The report suggests that of the 136 million emergency room visits in a year, less than two one-hundredths of a percent are allegedly associated with energy drinks.  Of that amount, 42 percent were by someone who had admitted to consuming alcohol or taking illegal substances or pharmaceuticals.  In addition, we know nothing about the overall health of these individuals, if they had consumed other caffeinated products, taken medications or accurately self-reported any of the above. Nor do we know what symptoms or incidents brought them to the ER in the first place.  Without this information it’s impossible to understand the actual role – if any – of energy drinks in these hospital visits. 

What we do know is that both energy drinks and caffeine have been deemed safe for consumption by regulatory agencies around the world.  Furthermore, despite the inaccurate information contained in this report, most mainstream energy drinks contain about half the caffeine of a similar size cup of coffeehouse coffee.”