Here at Sip & Savor, recycling is a part of our everyday routine. But today in particular, recycling gets an important spotlight – it’s America Recycles Day! One day dedicated to educating and motivating individuals, businesses and schools on how they can recycle 365 days a year. Events around the country are underway raising awareness on the importance of recycling, reducing consumption and building efficiency.

In Palm Beach County, Fla., we marked the day by launching a program called “Recycling on the Go.” This program is part of a public-private partnership to increase the amount of recycled cans and bottles and decrease personal waste in public spaces while educating consumers on the ease and importance of recycling.  We will be monitoring the results of this project to help establish a best practices-approach to developing public space recycling programs in other communities.

We believe that increasing recycling in public spaces is critical to reducing waste, which is why the “Recycling on the Go” program will create convenient opportunities for county residents and visitors to recycle their beverage cans, bottles, juice boxes and cartons, rather than disposing of 100 percent recyclable packaging as trash in public venues such as parks, city streets and beaches.

For more information on recycling efforts by our member companies on America Recycles Day and every day, read our full statement and visit

We also hope you take a moment to visit the America Recycles Day website to find a recycling event near you, get your very own recycling toolkit and take the personal pledge to recycle more every day in the office, school and home!.

And remember, recycling is just as important today as it is every day!