Our industry has a longstanding commitment to minimizing its environmental impact, and on America Recycles Day – and every day – we are hard at work on solutions to environmental challenges in communities throughout America.  Here are a just a couple examples:

In Massachusetts, industry is working together with communities through the Massachusetts Recycling Challenge to help implement a Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) waste system.  PAYT encourages households to increase recycling by providing an incentive to do so.  Moreover, we’re working to help establish public space recycling systems to capture beverage containers and other recyclables from public locations. On America Recycles Day in 2012, industry launched the Public Space Recycling Pilot in Palm Beach County, Fla.  By placing recycling bins in parks, boardwalks, marinas, sports fields and beaches, we have already seen progress in reducing trash disposal and increasing recycling in all locations.  Moreover, one year later, our pilot is working to reduce litter in public places by 75 percent.

We are doing our part, and through these efforts we’re making it easier for you to do your part, too.  So start today!  Visit the America Recycles Day website to find a recycling event near you, get your very own recycling toolkit and take the personal pledge to recycle more every day – at home and on-the-go.