It’s easy to talk about change, but it takes commitment to make change happen.  Change is something our industry knows well – and something it, too, is driving.  A prime example of change is our industry’s efforts in providing more lower-calorie, smaller-portion options in our nation’s schools – and it’s an effort of which we here at Sip & Savor are extremely proud.  Since there’s been a lot of talk about what our children are eating and drinking in schools, we thought we’d take this opportunity to remind you about our School Beverage Guidelines, which we developed with President Clinton and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.  In fact, through these guidelines, beverage calories shipped to schools nationwide have been slashed by a dramatic 90 percent between 2004 and the end of the 2009-2010 school year, according to research published just last year in the American Journal of Public Health.

And that’s not the only change our member companies are delivering – with more no- and low-calorie and smaller-portion beverage choices than ever before.  This is abundantly clear just by taking a walk down the beverage aisle at your favorite grocery store.

So while some are still talking about what can be done to help consumers live balanced, active and healthy lifestyles, or what can be done to help reduce childhood obesity, we give props to America’s beverage companies for helping lead the way.  Their actions speak louder than words.