America's non-alcoholic beverage industry has a long history of serving its customers, consumers and communities across our nation. The association's first official motto was "Quality, Purity, Service," and it was incorporated into our first emblem representing what was then called the American Bottlers of Carbonated Beverages (ABCB). In fact, according to an ABCB Bulletin from 1948, "The members of the A.B.C.B. have been given a wonderful opportunity to attain the greatest possible degree of QUALITY and PURITY for their products and thus render to their patrons the highest SERVICE."

Through the years, America's leading beverage companies have been committed to seeking ways to serve their communities - among them organizing scrap metal drives to support war efforts, and donating blood to the Red Cross as one of many ways to assist in disaster relief, which they continue to do today. Service is at the core of our iconic industry and according to that same Bulletin, that ideal "epitomizes the highest ideals of manufacturing."