There is a lot of discussion about taxes on beverages these days, with some claiming government-imposed sanctions are the answer to curbing obesity. Here at Sip and Savor, we disagree because we know there are better ways to inspire people to lead healthy and balanced lives. Consider the contrasts:

Some Propose Taxes: Beverage taxes fall hardest on those who can least afford them, raise grocery prices, harm small businesses and threaten jobs.
We Innovate: Providing consumers with choices -- lower calorie products in smaller sizes with less sugar -- that's innovation that makes a difference.

Some Try to Penalize: Bans and restrictions don't teach us anything about managing our caloric intake and balancing what we eat, drink and do.
We Inspire: With new products in delicious flavors that contain less sugar and fewer calories, we make it easy for people to choose the beverage that best fits their day.

Some Want to Punish: Taxing working families is harmful and unfair.
We Educate: With calorie labels on every bottle, can and pack, and vending cooler "nudges" reminding people to balance what they eat, drink and do, the beverage industry is reaching consumers every day where they shop and dine and reminding them that life is all about balance.

Some Lecture: It seems like some would rather lecture "don't eat this; don't drink that" instead of giving people the tools they need to make choices that fit their lives.
We Inform: The beverage industry provides real options for balancing sugar and calories, and we're telling consumers about it through advertising, on-pack labels, in stores and on the nation's airwaves.  

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