In Alabama, some legislators are talking about a beverage tax to help close a government spending deficit. We don’t know how high they might try to hike prices, but the politicians should know that taxes on common grocery items are very unpopular among consumers and a job-loser for the state.

Small business-owners who have faced tax battles in other states like Vermont have said loud and clear that beverage taxes hurt their businesses, and that costs jobs. That’s the last thing Alabamians would want while still struggling in a lagging economy.

Not only that, but higher prices from taxes on beverages prod Alabamians on the borders to cross state lines to do their shopping - not only for beverages but other groceries as well.

Polls show that Americans oppose taxes on common grocery items like beverages. When will these politicians get the message that people do not want their beverages taxed, or be told what they can and can’t buy at the grocery store?

What you eat, drink and feed your family is your choice and should not be subjected to government control, oversight or influence. The right to choose your own foods and beverages should not be compromised due to a government’s debt crisis. Government should focus on the things that matter – education, jobs, the economy – and leave the grocery shopping to us.

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