Together we have reduced beverage calories shipped to schools across America by more than 90 percent by voluntarily removing full-calorie soft drinks from K-12 schools and provided consumers clear calorie information on every can, bottle and pack we produce. And today, our member companies are committed to reducing sugar and calories consumed from beverages nationally. It is this work that is front and center of the industry’s campaign to offer families more choices, in smaller portion sizes and with less sugar.

But this commitment by our member companies to work together, is nothing new. Shortly after the American Bottlers of Carbonated Beverages was formed in 1919, members of the association launched the first industry-wide advertising campaign in 1926. The “Teach the Millions” campaign ran in about 20 major magazines nationally. Later, the campaign focused on the “Sparkling Moments in the History of Carbonated Beverages,” telling the story of these American-born companies.

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