We're an industry founded by entrepreneurs and built upon their innovative spirit. Even today, a century-plus after the first sodas were invented in the 1800s, our companies continue to create new and exciting products to meet the diverse tastes and needs of the consumer. On top of that, there are hundreds of independent innovators concocting their own unique beverages, hoping that it hits the consumer's palate just the right way.

Sip & Savor found a rather interesting history on the soft drink industry in the Inventors section of About.com. It provides a pretty sound history and background of our dynamic industry; for the most part, focusing on facts rather than perspective.

Check it out - it's an interesting read about one of America's most iconic and beloved industries. It's also a great reminder that we're much more than just the regular soda pop that started our industry. Today, our companies make a diverse bevy of beverages - with all range in calories, tastes and functional needs.