We all know that with a little moderation, a balanced diet and a daily dose of physical activity, we can stay fit and healthy for years to come.  But that must become awfully complicated when your job is eating out for a living, like Washington Post Food Critic Tom Sietsema.

Sietsema is no stranger to large portions, bread baskets, desserts, a bevy of titillating cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages.  But he stays fit by taking small steps to stay active throughout the day, eating healthy snacks and low- and no-calorie beverages in preparation for his big nights out on the town.  He's a good example for all of us, and a reminder that there is room in our lives for delicious foods and beverages - we just need to be sure they're being consumed as part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

To watch Sietsema’s latest "Dining Out" video and see his tips for yourself, click here.  Bon appétit!