Have you ever traveled from one side of the country to another or from northern states to southern, gone to a local restaurant and ordered your regular refreshing soft drink only to be met by a confused look on the waitress’ face? Even though you’re speaking the same language, you're still not getting through for some reason. That’s because, just like dialect, beverage names shift throughout the country. What is “pop” to vast parts of the Midwest becomes “soda” in New England and California. But unlike accents, soft drink names can change not only across state boarders but as closely as town lines! Check out this map compiled by the National Geographic Society of Oklahoma and East Central University that displays soft drink names by county in each state across the U.S.

Wherever you call home and whatever you call your non-alcoholic beverages, just remember that the beverage industry is delivering more choices - from full-calorie to no- and low-calorie beverages, ranging in portion sizes and taste - so there is something for everyone to enjoy.